Special Car Services

A/C Recharge & Scheduled Maintenance in Mountain Home, ID

A/C Service includes evacuate and recharge up to 2 lbs of Freon 134r check for leaks and advise customer of findings.

Coolant system flush includes chemical cleaning and 100% coolant flush . Inspect all belts , hoses, and radiator for leaks. Up to 4 gallons of coolant.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is designed to keep the fluids in your car maintained and capable of doing the job they were intended to do. When oils get hot they burn and lose there lubricating abilities, this causes early failure of the system they operate in and the system will fail. Engine coolant loses its ability to lubricate as its PH levels fall out of specs. This also causes corrosion to things like head gaskets, water pumps and radiators. If any of these items fail it could cost you a high tow bill, lots of down time and even a new engine. All of which could have been prevented with scheduled maintenance. So maintain your vehicle and save $.

Electrical Systems

We have full capabilities to test and repair your vehicle electrical system, with factory wire diagrams and specialized test equipment. We offer AC Delco batteries and alternators. Our technicians have extensive training in electrical repair and diagnostics.


We offer the following system flushes: Radiator heating and cooling, Transmission, power steering, brakes, differentials, transfer cases, engine oil system. All flushes preformed with Valvoline products and power flush equipment.